Welcome to Aerotools!

Aerotools is a collection of Aviation related  Programs that work on the current and future  generations of java enabled mobile Phones. (See below for a list of tested Phones). All the Applications are released as freeware.  

Moving Map  (Current Version: 2008-01-12) is the first application released. This app requires either an external Bluetooth GPS or an inbuilt GPS (for example as in the Nokia N95).  As the name says,  it provides moving map functionality along with the following features:

  • Moving Map - Vector format: Vector maps can be created in Google-Earth and then exported to the Mobile Phone. 
  • Moving Map - Bitmap format: Ideal for scanned maps. The current position is marked on the map.
  • GPS Logging: The track can be recorded and the 3d Path can be displayed on Google-Earth.  (Example:  http://aerotools.hoshis.org/downloads/logexample.kmz)

New Version 2008-11-08: Added support for BlackBerry Devices. (Use the special BB Version in the download Section)

New Version 2008-01-12: Added Support for SonyEricsson HGE-100 GPS. Minor Bug fixes. New Version of the Desktop Software to create Moving-Maps in Bitmap format (simplified GUI)

New Version 2007-09-25: Bitmap moving-map improvements: Speed, E90 compatibility, Touch-Screen support for dragging. Now it is possible to import Moving Map files directly from the Phone-File-System instead of downloading them via the Air-Interface. Additional minor Bug fixes.

New Version 2007-08-04: Minor Bug fixes

Phones known to work (MIDP-2.x)

  • SonyEriccson P1i
  • SonyEricsson P990i
  • SonyEricsson Z610
  • SonyEricsson K800i
  • SonyEricsson W880i
  • SonyEricsson W580i
  • SonyEricsson T650i
  • SonyEricsson K770i
  • Nokia E90
  • Nokia N95
  • Nokia N93i
  • Nokia N76
  • Nokia N73
  • Nokia E70
  • Nokia 3110 
  • BlackBerry 8310 (Use Special Version, see  the downloads section)
  • ... Please let me know

Phones not working

  • Nokia 9300
  • Nokia  6630
  • Nokia 6820b
  • SonyEricsson T250i
  • Windows Mobile 6
  • Motorola A780
  • Samsung SGH-E250
  • ... please let me know